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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
09-Dec-12 - 11:05 AM
Thread Name: Declutter & Exercise )()( December 2012
Subject: RE: Declutter & Exercise )()( December 2012
I sometimes forget who is who, even though I see the names regularly. I think I have notes - MAG are you still in the same town in the same state as a few years ago when I sent you a t-shirt? And are you on facebook? (I probably ask that every few months - sorry!)

Paperwork today, but I do need to pull out some lights and set up one tree in the front yard as my token contribution to neighborhood lights. It's supposed to get cold overnight, so I also need to set up the heater in the greenhouse. The system I use is to have a plug with an internal switch that only opens the circuit if the temperature gets below 40 degrees. (These are made primarily for well houses to keep the well from freezing, but are also good for greenhouses.) I have an oil radiator out there that will be plugged into that sensor plug and will keep the seedlings and basil warm enough to thrive on the few cold days we have this winter.