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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
09-Dec-12 - 09:13 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Exercise )()( December 2012
Subject: RE: Declutter & Exercise )()( December 2012
SRS! that plug sounds magical! I'll have to ask R about one for the studio. That would be fantastic.

We may get snow tonight. Snow tires are not mandatory until 15 December which is pretty silly as we often have snow before then. I did mine two weeks ago or so, just to be safe.

Never got those Christmas decorations made. Today was last craft show I'm doing this year. Sold enough to be worthwhile and it was a rather fun day. Drove down to the country from Montreal; after the show I stopped by the cabin to put out food for the animals, check the temp in the studio, drop off stuff that belongs there.

Back to city and had a nice supper with R. Crisis is gradually getting resolved He worked all weekend and hopes to be finished moving stuff by end of week. Then the legal issues .... could take months or years....

A trip away would be nice, she says wistfully.

I got some very cheap lights and three, not as cheap, grow light bulbs, for the plants. A great improvement!! And a nice cushion for this wooden platform rocker - also an improvement!

Need to focus on making new glazes and small test pots and planning instead of just playing around. Today someone wanted a sugar bowl to match... Someone else broke the lid to the butter dish they bought in the summer... I need to be more meticulous about sizing things so lids and bottoms fit interchangeably. Currently have a number of bottoms and a whole bunch of tops, for butter dishes! Some day I hope I get some to fit each other!

So, tomorrow is the day I -again - hope to have the energy to make more pots. After I make more chili - after I go to the store for more onions and bell peppers! If it snows, I will do without the latter. I do not clutter my life with trying to deal with driving in snow if it is not essential. Too many people out there who don't know how.

It just occurred to me that one of those hospital tables - adjustable height that fit over a bed - would be useful so I could work on computer or read while using the exer-cycle. Watching TV is not enough because I currently read during commercials and/or use the computer throughout most of the programming.