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Posted By: Rapparee
10-Dec-12 - 12:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: Coyote Problems?
Subject: RE: BS: Coyote Problems?
I doubt, Greg, that a group working with the University of Ohio Extension Services and the Wildlife Foundation are equivalent to Wikipedia.

But since you did ask, here's an article from the USDA. Here's a tidbit from down under (U. of Queensland). And finally, here's some words from Vermont; a nice bibliography is included, as are comparisons between human/dog and human/coyote interactions.

Here's an article from "National Geographic News" for you to think about -- and the similar reports from Chicagoland this past September and October.

Finally, the problem is rarely with the animals but with the humans who interact with them. A mountain goat faced me down in Glacier National Park; I left. I have no desire nor need to pet a bear cub or tease a bison -- I'll leave that to those whom the gene pool is better without.