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Posted By: Don Firth
10-Dec-12 - 05:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: Pearl Harbor Day / December 7
Subject: RE: BS: Pearl Harbor Day / December 7
As I said, I get pretty damned sick and tired of hearing Right-Wing revisionist history. A lot of that got hatched up after WW II by the Republican Party, which was smarting under the regulatory policies put in place by FDR and hated his guts. The idea was to blame anything and everything on the Democrats, particularly FDR!!

They were especially smarting when Truman got re-elected, when they were so sure that Thomas Dewey would win by a landslide, even going so far as to print the newspapers up before the election was over.

Famous photo of Truman the day after the election:    CLICKY.

I didn't get this out of somebody's Monday morning quarterbacking book about the war. Like I said, I REMEMBER it!!

Vas you dere, Sharlie!??

Don Firth