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Posted By: gnu
10-Dec-12 - 06:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: Coyote Problems?
Subject: RE: BS: Coyote Problems?
Well, Greg F... I WAS a "rough-and-tough, brawny woodsman" when I was a young man and I spect as much time in the bush as any of them. Fact is, you took what I said and pissed with it then and pissed on it.

Only difference is, I am a gentleman and I admit to my mistakes rather than hide behind bullshit to save face.

Soooo.... if you really were not shitting on me beacause I was dissing the asshole in the video... why were you shitting on me?

Oh... your question about "where you said that"... "See coyotes about every third day - or should I say eastern brush wolves in your chosen argot". Come on, Greg... get in the game.

I'll stop there. Fact is, from what you have said, you are an avid woodsman. I used to live and breathe it too, until health problems took it from me. I am sure, under different circumstances, we would "bond". But, buddy boy, I just cannot accept yer arguements in the way you state them. Yotes ain't wolves. Our "yotes" eat livestock, prey AND people. They ARE NOT yotes... the are wolves. Don't tell me OUR yotes ain't wolves.

Maybe we need to hash it out over a beer. If I ever get down to your neck of the woods, first round is on you.