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Posted By: Rapparee
10-Dec-12 - 10:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: Coyote Problems?
Subject: RE: BS: Coyote Problems?
Fact is, Greg, cougars have been reported in Illinois since at least 1960. I know that because a friend's father came face-to-face with one in a Boy Scout Camp outside Lorraine, IL. Cat never hurt anyone; the Scouts nicknamed it Alfie (for Alfred E. Neuman) and everyone lived harmoniously for years.

Cougars -- mountain lions, panthers, painters, pumas -- were in one form or another widespread across the US before the hand of man set foot. They are indigenous to Florida, for example, and still live there.

I don't think the Chicago "Tribune" would like being called a tabloid.

Do your own research. I retired from looking it up.