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Posted By: Little Hawk
11-Dec-12 - 12:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: Pearl Harbor Day / December 7
Subject: RE: BS: Pearl Harbor Day / December 7
Les - Good point. I found with my father that he knew a great deal about the specifics of the on-the-ground situations he'd been in...naturally...but he often lacked knowledge about the bigger picture or events that happened in other locations than his own....knowledge which can easily be acquired after the fact by reading a great many factual books about the war.

Because I was such a voracious reader of WWII history, I knew a lot of stuff about that war that he didn' he was repeatedly surprised to discover...even though I had no firsthand experience of it. I'd show him the book, and he'd say, "Well, I'll be darned! They never told us about that..." There was a lot of false propaganda flying around, after all. They had to keep people's spirits up, so they didn't necessarily keep them all that well-informed about everything that was going on. The old newspaper clippings he kept are fascinating to read...50% real stuff...50% total BS, calculated to make things look as good as possible from the Allied point of view. I bet the German and Japanese papers were even worse. ;-)