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Posted By: Guran
12-Dec-12 - 10:52 AM
Thread Name: bellows changes on english concertina to
Subject: RE: bellows changes on english concertina to
G before: "Strangely enough the matter of "bellows articulation" has been quite prominent in accordion tuition since 1950s"

Tootler: "If that's the case, why is it that the overwhelming majority of PA players I know or have seen simply move the bellows slowly and smoothly backwards and forwards and rely on their fingers for articulation?"

RE: Maybe that overwhelming majority have learnt by themsleves like many of us and not got any proper tuition :-)... and thus never discovered a lot of potential dynamics ?

Tootler:" I suspect the reason is that the inertia in a large PA makes effective bellows articulation impractical".

RE: Hardly. A large instrument may take more effort in several ways - firstly by carrying it about. Concerning effort for working the bellows you need more muscular pumping force to get the same sound amplitude. At the same time you need not to move the bellows as long distance. Depending on the actual music there may be both advantages and dis-advantages related to this.
There is a very common misunderstanding that "inertia" is involved when playing squeezeboxes. There actually is no inertia around (unless you swing the instrument about!) since you are always working against a pressure gradient !

Apart from that check a couple of players with good bellows technique:
Anthony Galla-Rini:

Alf H├ągedal: