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Posted By: GUEST,FloraG
13-Dec-12 - 12:58 PM
Thread Name: Hurricane Sandy benefit concert 12.12.12
Subject: RE: Hurricane Sandy benefit concert 12.12.12
Brian - Im not sure which country you are from, but if you live in a democracy you not only have to take responsibility for your own actions but those of your government too. For too many years the usa people and their elected governments have been over complacent about global warming, to the point of denying it.   
In GB we let builders build on flood planes - and then complaned when the houses flooded. Who is to blame? The planners, the builders, the purchasers, the banks who lent the money, the surveyors, people like me who elected the local Government or the people who could not be bothered to vote. We all are, I think. Democracy is not about being rich or poor but about being active.