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Posted By: GUEST,FloraG
14-Dec-12 - 03:45 AM
Thread Name: Hurricane Sandy benefit concert 12.12.12
Subject: RE: Hurricane Sandy benefit concert 12.12.12
Brian - in new orleans they put up some flood defences using collective ( tax ) money. It worked in the last hurricane. This is in a country that one major party claim to be against collective expenditure, and individual expenditure is the capitalist way. It would seem obvious to most Brits that collective flood defences make more sense than each individual putting a wall around their house.

Of course its tough on individuals, but most of the financial loss is covered by insurance. Thats why most people take out insurance. The emotional suffering can not be recompensed by any amount of funds, however raised. Reducing their carbon emmissions has to be a more effective long term ploy than a concert. Think globally, act locally. Since Kyoto the USA has increased its emissions. Are they such slow learners?

However, we got a concert, which obviously gave joy to many - and the world needs all the joy it can get.

Seasons Cheers Brian