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Posted By: Jeri
14-Dec-12 - 10:03 AM
Thread Name: Hurricane Sandy benefit concert 12.12.12
Subject: RE: Hurricane Sandy benefit concert 12.12.12
Seriously, the whole "broader picture" of the Evil USA, with and various hurricanes as punishment from God, is stupid. If you're going to jerk the focus away from individual people devastated by an individual storm, in a specific area of specific country, start a new fucking thread!

It's a lame-ass troll to pick on people who've had homes and lives destroyed to make a point--that you are so much better than them. As trolls go, this is only going to suck in some easily pissed off folks, bored people who've had their fill of Honey Booboo and some usual British flamers.

I don't know that it's legal for anyone trying to pick fights on a website dedicated to music in such an artless manner to ride horses that high.

In light of that, I think I can do a more effective troll, based on dragging out a sacred cow and... well, you know.

Adam Sandler "doing" Hallelujah.

So you think Leonard Cohen should sue or not?
[The above is heavily laced with sarcasm, except that I think trolling this thread is pretty lowlife-scummy-douchebaggy.]