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14-Dec-12 - 11:57 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Babylon is Fallen (to Rise no More)
Subject: RE: Origins: Babylon is Fallen (to Rise no More)
I looked up this song in the Bodleian collection, using the first line "Hail the day so long expected," and got this back:

Printer: Harkness, J. (Preston)
Date: between 1840 and 1866
License note: Sec. 18. Printer's Series: (577).
Illus. Ballads on sheet: 2

    Copies: Harding B 11(1126)

    Ballads: 1. The fall of Babylon ("Hail the day so long expected ...")
Subject: Religion
So by the time that broadsheet appeared, Americans had been singing the song at least 10 years.

I did a subject search on Babylon, and they said they had no broadsheets on Babylon. Which is a lie, because they had at least one, the one referred to above.

Anyhow, I have yet to be convinced that this is an old song from England.

On YouTube there is an enjoyable video of it being sung in the Harrod (or maybe Harrod Creek) Baptist Church. First they go through singing the syllables, then they start the actual words. It's very stirring.