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Posted By: GUEST,Chongo Chimp
16-Dec-12 - 07:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: A word that means more than stupid
Subject: RE: BS: A word that means more than stupid
Them people, Bee-Dub, just can't believe that the world ain't arranged ONLY to suit their own exclusive convenience...cos they are Number 1 in the world as they see it. Life as they know it revolves around THEM. They wonder why you are botherin' them...why are you botherin' NUMERO UNO and causin' such an unfair inconvenience, but they would not mind a bit if it was someone else you were recoverin' the cart from. In fact, they'd probably think it was funny in that case...specially if it was their neighbour ("the idiot next door").

That kinda attitude is quite common. I think it's got somethin' to do with a little thing called "the human ego".

And...I've noticed dogs act pretty much the same way. Damn good thing they don't carry guns. They're trouble enough as it is.

- Chongo