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Posted By: Keith A of Hertford
18-Dec-12 - 03:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: Vilnai: inflict a 'shoah' on Gaza
Subject: RE: BS: Vilnai: inflict a 'shoah' on Gaza
No Keith, your facts are all lies and backed up by no proof whatsoever. They are merely your opinions.
I ask you AGAIN to produce ONE unsubstantiated fact of mine.
I say you LIE Strinsinger!
Your "holocaust" in Gaza is worse than an unsubstantiated fact Stringsinger
It is a grotesque lie..
Also your "shoah", "genocide" and "starvation."

Palestinian children are suffering from malnutrition which is a form of starvation.
NO! Malnutrition is found EVERYWHERE.
In my town. In your town. Everywhere.
Starvation is where people DIE FOR WANT OF FOOD.
That has NEVER happened in Gaza, and that is a FACT Stringsinger.

There is only one person who reported denying that there was starvation in Gaza and she is most suspect as is the current form of the Red Cross.
I think YOU are a bit more suspect than the International Red Cross Stringsinger.
When children are starving, they need special treatment including glucose infusion.
Are any UN agencies doing that in Gaza?
Save The Children?
Medicine Sans Frontiers?
Red Crescent/Cross?
Who is giving substantiated facts and who is spouting vile lies and propaganda Stringsinger?