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Posted By: JohnInKansas
19-Dec-12 - 06:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: Need anti-virus program now!!!
Subject: RE: BS: Need anti-virus program now!!!
One of the problems of following the latest reviews is that you have to learn a new setup and a new "language" every time you try out a new one. (Every producer describes what they do slightly differently, and calls the settings by different names.) I've found it preferable to pick one I trust and stick with it, but of course there are other opinions.

A quick look for cloudantivirus (or cloud antivirus) shows a half dozen different providers using the name, but it appears you're looking at the Panda version. I don't use cloud storage or applications so I haven't had an interest in looking at these products and can't guess what the results you're seeing might mean.

ONE WAY to see whether "the rest of the problems" that they suggest you get a paid version to fix are really worth worrying over would be to got to almost any one of the major AV suppliers and run a "free check" and see if that checkup either tells you something different, or tells you that you do still have problems you need to take care of.

I haven't used it recently, but one current "System Check" is at Norton Free System Check. Previous versions have given a very good report on what shape your computer is in, and what you should consider fixing. They will, of course, recommend their own products you should use to "get better" but you can ignore the sales pitches.

Nearly all AV product makers have similar free checkup services, so pick any one you like.

And don't worry about annoying anyone. Those of us who look at threads like this one are always ready to learn something from your difficulties, in case we run into something similar someday.