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Posted By: Arkie
20-Dec-12 - 06:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Great Backyard Bird Count
Subject: RE: BS: Great Backyard Bird Count
Lev, its nice to know that Great Britain has TV time promoting your bird watch. And good to know you have a piece of the action. Thanks for reporting in. I noticed that last year your report indicated a decline in the Starling and English Sparrow population. That would not be bad news in some circles in this country as both have an adverse affect on our Purple Martin nesting. I witnessed and interrupted a Starling attack on a Martin nest. While I think they are actually pretty birds, I don't like finding dead Martin babies. The Sparrows will move into bluebird houses, killing the babies and building a nest over the dead bodies. I remove Sparrow nests when I find them in bluebird boxes. I don't bother the Sparrow nests in trees.