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Posted By: jacqui.c
21-Dec-12 - 05:56 AM
Thread Name: 4 year old wants a guitar for christmas
Subject: RE: 4 year old wants a guitar for christmas
My grandson showed interest in the guitar from about the age of two. When I moved to the USA, when he was four, I gave him a guitar. He started lessons when he was eight and is doing pretty well now, at the age of twelve. With nylon strings it's a lot easier and they can build up callouses slowly.

It's always worth giving them the best you can afford. Unless you're very lucky there will be a much better sound with a good guitar than with a cheap one and that may well encourage a kid to keep on going. Lewis now has a Martin and, when he tries cheap guitars, compares the sound unfavourably with his own.

Here's hoping your granddaughter enjoys her new instrument, Peter.