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Posted By: Little Hawk
22-Dec-12 - 08:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Chongo Refused Air Passage
Subject: RE: BS: Chongo Refused Air Passage
Another blatant example of specism! Harper will pay dearly for this. There isn't a primate left in Canada who will ever vote Conservative again after this atrocious treatment of Chongo Chimp.

The part about him visiting Shane, though, is incorrect. He was coming to visit me. He regards Shane as pretty much beneath contempt, and Shane probably wouldn't like him much either. The first thing Shane would do after a few specist utterances like "Holy flip! It's a goddam monkey in a suit!" is...he'd try and bum a few smokes off Chongo, and with no luck. Chongo doesn't freely give out his cigars or share drinks with specist morons like Shane.

It is true, sadly, that Shane is in the lockup again...and at Christmas! Does this break your heart? I know it tugs at my heartstrings to think of the poor sap behind bars during Yuletide. It's tragic. It seems to have occurred due to a misunderstanding between Shane and the local police concerning a roomful of stereo equipment, computers, and various other electronic devices that he could not explain the origin of, and which matched the description of stolen items from at least 10 different houses in the Blind River/Sudbury area. Shane was completely mystified as to how these things ended up in his room. "Somebody must be tryin' to flippin' get me inta trouble, eh, cos I never seen that stuff in my life before..." he said, as he was being dragged off to the cruisers.

Chongo, meanwhile, is drawing up a Manifesto to protest this latest Canadian action which is a low blow against all apes AND monkeys, and must not be tolerated!