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Posted By: Steve Shaw
23-Dec-12 - 08:56 PM
Thread Name: BS: Vilnai: inflict a 'shoah' on Gaza
Subject: RE: BS: Vilnai: inflict a 'shoah' on Gaza
Israel, de facto, believes that the Palestinians are not entitled to any land. They seize land at will because they can. They have the power. No-one ever seriously opposes these outrageous land thefts in the West Bank. Straight question, Keith. Do you think it's all right for Israel to continue to take over Palestinian land for Israeli settlements? Yes or no will do nicely, Keith. As for Hamas's racism, well what do you think of those rules in Israel that make you a second-class citizen if you are not a Jew? Why is unemployment among Israeli Arabs so much higher than among Israeli Jews? Why is it OK for Palestinian family farms, generations-old, to be divided at a whim by an apartheid wall? Why is it OK for Palestinians in both Israel and the occupied West Bank to be subjected to road blocks that can stop them from seeing their families for three days whereas no such restrictions apply to Israeli Jews? Until you can give satisfactory answers to all these points, it ill behoves you to brand anyone else as racist.