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Posted By: stallion
25-Dec-12 - 06:55 PM
Thread Name: 4 year old wants a guitar for christmas
Subject: RE: 4 year old wants a guitar for christmas
It was a joy, she looked at that wrapping and exclaimed "That is my Guitar!" After opening she took it upstairs and put it on her bed. The rest of her presents stayed in the front room, she is now laid in bed hugging the "guitar" in it's case, we shall put it somewhere safe. What i found more interesting was her older sister, Amelie, took her fiddle into class , asked the teacher if she could play and she agreed, she then told her classmates the tunes she could play and asked for requests, she then played five tunes and then had a question and answer session after where she asked the kids if they liked the violin and they asked her how difficult it was to play and so on, the teacher was gobsmacked this is a seven year old! Polly (poppet) my daughter, said it is quite amazing that for ages she was scratching about doing not much and then, as if overnight, the penny dropped and she could play tunes, lets hope Esme can do something similar. Amelie got a music stand and Poppet said she would no longer have to hold the music when she practices at home!