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Posted By: Clinton Hammond2
23-Nov-00 - 05:18 PM
Thread Name: DT Correction: Dram to Warm the Piper (Carnahan)
Subject: RE: Lyr correx: Dram to Warm the Piper
Hummm... why some CD's won't play in your puter eh??

Sorry to answer a question with more questions though, but I need more information...
The said CD, will play in your stereo?
This same CD is an original? Not a copy that someone made for you?
Can you tell me some system specs? PC? Mac? Sound Card? CD speed?
Are there any special error messages you get when you try to play the CD in your CDrom? Or does it just sit there?
When was the last time you ran a CD lens cleaner through your CDrom?

I don't really need a MIDI of the song at all... I know it well, I'm just looking for a copy to have for myself...