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Posted By: Songwronger
28-Dec-12 - 07:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Scratch a Liberal, find a Fascist -Boxer
Subject: RE: BS: Scratch a Liberal, find a Fascist -Boxer
Oh, the people of the U.S. know a shitstorm is coming. Obama's been endlessly compared to Abraham Lincoln, our Civil War president. That's not by accident. He's being prepped in the public consciousness to play the Lincoln part in the new Civil War.

No telling what incident will precipitate the war, but with the speed of telecommunications now, it will develop pretty quickly. Look at how quickly the America-killing PATRIOT Ace was passed after 9/11. The thing was already drawn up, just waiting for the event. Congress was run out of their offices with an anthrax scare and told to vote on the act as they left the building.

And now we have the fully-considered NDAA. This one wasn't passed in a rush. And with the NDAA, the federal government claims the right to hold Americans indefinitely without right to trial on "suspicion" of this and that.

So our Constitution is about to be put to the test. Do we want to continue with the creature comforts and live under the fascism of Goldman Sachs, or do we want our country back? The big money will be running commercials for the former.

I pass out flyers on this stuff. Research, compose, print, distribute. My posting stops here are just respites from the research. But this Boxer/LaPierre connection is vomit-making. I'm posting about this on both liberal and conservative sites. Surely people can see a convergence on this issue. Goldman Sachs has stolen all of our real assets in endless collateralizations and leveragings, and now they want our children. Physically want them. Want to put them off limits, under armed guard, with busses waiting. There is a THRIVING international child slave market, and our kids are now being targeted for that market. By Goldman Sachs operating through our government. If that doesn't get your blood up, nothing will.