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Posted By: Jeri
28-Dec-12 - 09:56 PM
Thread Name: BS: Lingering Head Cold...
Subject: RE: BS: Lingering Head Cold...
There's stuff that makes your schozz less stuffy, like sudafed or whatever the non-meth-related stuff that doesn't make you hper substitute is.
There are antihistamines that reduce histamines which cause symptoms
And there are snot-liquifiers (the guaifenesin).

You may find product that have all three and more, such as cough suppressants. You don't have to always use just one of them, but (and OF COURSE I know you know this) read labels. It might make sense to buy some product that has the right combo of things.

Me, I can't take anything (antihistamine) that "dries up" my runny nose. Last time I tried it (after telling the doc I could NOT take it and him telling me to "try") it (friggin' Actifed) worked for about 20 minutes and my nose slammed shut for the rest of the day. Afrin nasal spray does that too. Other people have no problems. Me, it's as if somebody shoved a pair of socks up my nose... with the feet still in them.