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Posted By: Wolfgang
10-Aug-98 - 10:36 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: White, Orange and Green
This is the version of White, Orange and Green I have on a CD called "50 complete Irish rebel songs". The first two verses are quite similar to the version posted above with "maiden" replacing "girl", "British" "English" and so on. I start my version with the last line of verse 2:

2...and he tried for to capture the flag of Sinn Fein.

3. "You'll not get these colours, the fair maiden said,
you'll not get these colours until I am dead."
"What's the use, said the soldier, when a maid of sixteen
will lay down her life for White, Orange, and Green."

4. T'was early next morning in Tipperary town,
from the gay Galtee mountains the young maid came down,
she was sick in her heart, it was plain to be seen,
for that day did (her march??) give his life for Sinn Fein.

(I have no idea what to put in the parentheses in the last line; I have put there two words that sound similar to what they sing, but I don't even know whether it's one words or two)