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Posted By: Semofolkie
30-Dec-12 - 10:38 AM
Thread Name: Need info on Dave Carter
Subject: Dave Carter
I've been a Dave Carter fan for quite a while now. His music has been celebrated, praised, and studied since his death in July of 2002. He's now joined the ranks of many others (such as Eva Cassidy) whose music and talent seem to grow despite the departure of their artists mortal bodies.

Efforts were made, and the Dave Carter Legacy Project was created in order to promote in perpetuity the work of Dave Carter. But will this be enough? Dylan, Seeger, Guthrie all carved their iconic nitch into the history of what we call folk music.

Joan Baez once said, "Dave is masterful with words, and there's a real spiritual connection in there." It has even been said, that she called him a "Young Bob Dylan."

So here we are...a little over 10 years later, and the lyrical craft master's music still struggles to reach beyond the circle of intermediate folk fame. I suppose, just like Pope JP II, that Saint Dolores will have to keep waiting to get her wings.