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Posted By: Clinton Hammond2
24-Nov-00 - 11:21 AM
Thread Name: DT Correction: Dram to Warm the Piper (Carnahan)
Subject: RE: Lyr correx: Dram to Warm the Piper
lyrics reposted for the fix, and to add my own verse...


(Danny Carnahan, c 1984)

Welcome in my thirsty fellows,
Hang your hats inside the door;
If we're only filled to bursting,
Then there's surely room for more;
We'll deny the cold of winter;
We'll have only song and cheer,
As we gather here together
In the threshold of the year.

Here's a dram to warm the piper,
Here's a dram to warm the hall,
Here's a dram to raise the rafters
And here's long life to you all

Here we tie the knot as lovers;
Here we raise a toast as friends;
As we pass along from hand to hand
In a dance that never ends;
We'll forget about tomorrow;
We're protected from it here;
As we drink our fill together
From the tankard of the year.


** Though our chosen roads devide us;
Many miles may come between;
We are once more brought together;
As if parted, we've never been;
We will forge anew our friendship;
Slaked in laughter, song and cheer;
As we cleans our souls together;
In the first flames of the year;

** Chorus

Crack the seal off of the bottle;
Light the fire beneath the still;
Let it soak us to the elbows;
As we medicate our ills;
Oh, the whiskey is forgiving;
It will wash the conscience clear;
As we all sink back together;
In the cradle of the year.


** With apologies to Danny for my arrogence to add to another mans song, but it's such a good song and was simply one verse to short for me...