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Posted By: Jim Dixon
04-Jan-13 - 11:36 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Cherry River Line
Subject: Lyr Add: CHERRY RIVER LINE (from Tim Gardner)
As sung by Tim Gardner on "Timmetry" (2011)

Got a girl on yonder mountain beneath the spreading pine.
I know that she loves me; she's always on my mind.

Well, I saw my Lulu gal with a dram-glass in her hand,
Pouring out her troubles, doin'(?) with another man.

Well, I told my Lulu gal I've taken all I can.
I got me another woman; go get you another man.

The train that I ride, it runs mighty slow.
I can hear that lonesome, lonesome whistle blow.

It's lonely here; it's lonesome all the time.
It's lonesome on the Cherry, Cherry River Line.

Someday I may forget you, never on my mind,
But I never will forget that Cherry River Line.