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Posted By: Gallus Moll
11-Jan-13 - 04:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: Question about Scotch
Subject: RE: BS: Question about Scotch
Check out 2012 movie 'The Angel's Share' for entertainment and information about whisky!

The best - the only - way to learn about malts is to try them, and keep tasting notes (well, attempt to - - usually manage it for the first couple of drams -- -)
There are so many ages and variations of malts (eg Caol Ila as Tattie Bogle pointed out) - and so many distillieries / malts in existence - that you will only manage to sample a small proportion of them in your life - and even once you decide on one or some favourite(s) they may taste different on separate occasions, according to the company / weather / your mood and many other factors!

I would never put ice in whisky (or brandy.

I 'nose' it first, for quite a while.
I taste it neat. I might well then drink it neat.
Or - I might sip (ice free) water in between. (Scottish tap water is usually fine, but if you are into spring water - surely that should be Scottish?)
With certain malts I might decide to then add a splash of water - but with some that can spoil it so be careful!

There are various whisky festivals and tastings that you can attend, and either free or for a small fee get to try a range of malts with advice from experts - - better still, go to an educational tasting where you have the opportunity to try (for example) 'Ancient and Rare Malts' - - wonderful!

Personal favourites? Haven't found them all yet! -- After 40+ years of study I have a fair sized list of ones I really like (and medicinal smelling ones I don't even want to 'nose')