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11-Jan-13 - 11:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Shooting tragedies and guns
Subject: RE: BS: Shooting tragedies and guns
I have reached the conclusion that there IS an answer. Give guns to everyone. I mean everyone! Infants, youngsters, teenagers, young adults, adults, middle-aged people and oldsters. Hell, even folks my age and beyond. BUT, make it real difficult to get bullets. Load yer own or that's it for you. Ten years from now the problem will disappear. Bullets will become collectors' items. Then, will it be worth it to shoot Aunt Agnes? Or, what will this do to my stock portfolio?

I am not going to say, "I rest my case" or "No more need be said" or anything that arrogant. Youse bes smart folks. Figure it out. No need to turn that over to the NRA or the librauuls. Jus' DO it.

Billy Bob (aka William Robert).