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14-Jan-13 - 08:54 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: When Jesus Came into the Bar Room
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: When Jesus Came into the Bar Room
One saturday night in a bar room
a gospel singer walked in.
Bravely she read from the Bible
and begged them to turn from their sin.

Oh come unto Jesus she pleaded
He'll be your staff and your rod
when one of the drunkards said to her
I don't believe in your God.

I don't rightly know how you prove them
that pack of lies that you said
if there is a God up in heaven
I dare Him to strike me down dead.

One of the others who stood there
said that's enough of that now
what leads you to thank tthat Lord Jesus
would bother with you anyhow?

You're just a bum and a drunkard
and nothing that you could say
would reach up to God in his heaven
and make him go out of his way.

Then came the voice of a stranger
who stood just outside the door.
A stranger who must have been passing by
for no one had seen him before

Oh harken to me all you people
his face lit up as he smiled.
Our Lord marks the fall of a sparrow
and every man is his child.

That's all I remember