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Posted By: Joe Offer
15-Jan-13 - 02:48 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: When Jesus Came into the Bar Room
Subject: ADD: God's Wonderful Way (Richards, Astine)
Several of "those" lyrics sites have lyrics for the Porter Wagoner recording. You can tell they all come from the same original source because they all have, "and bravely she red from the Bible." Here's a cleaned-up rendition of those lyrics. I couldn't find the recording.

(Richards, Austine - as recorded by Porter Wagoner)

One Saturday night in a barroom, a gospel singer walked in,
And bravely she read from the Bible and begged them to turn from their sins.
"Oh, come unto Jesus," she pleaded, "he'll be your step in the rock."
When one of the drinkers said to her, "Why I don't believe in your God."

The silence that followed was awful, the others just stood there in fear;
But the drunk just kept laughin' and sayin', "Why doesn't your Jesus appear?"

Then one of the others who stood there said, "That's enough of that now.
What leads you to think that Lord Jesus would bother with you anyhow?
"Why you're only a bum and a drunkard and nothin' that you can say
Would reach up to God in heaven and make him go out of his way."

And then came the voice of a stranger who stood just outside at the door;
The stranger who simply was passing by, for no one had seen him before.

"Oh listen to me all you people," the place lit up as he smiled,
"Our Lord marks the fall of a sparrow, and every man is his child.
There's none so great or so lowly that God's sweet mercy denies,
And even the ones who denounce him will never be lost in his eyes."

And then he lifted his right hand, and smiled up on everyone;
And the last words he said were like music - I know, because I am his son.
Now each who was there will remember those words to his very last day
When Jesus appeared in a barroom and told of God's wonderful way.

Source:'s%20Wonderful%20Way.html (cleaned up)

Just like last night, I'm gonna hate myself in the morning for posting these lyrics.....