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Posted By: Kim C
27-Nov-00 - 11:47 AM
Thread Name: Bodhran history
Subject: RE: Help: Bodhran history
I have a Malachy Kearns bodhran and I like it very much.

Well, here's the position I'm going to take in a living history context. Tell me what you think: this is a bodhran, it's very very old, its exact origins are somewhat shrouded in myth and mystery. the skin-head frame drum has existed in many cultures around the world for centuries. The prevailing theory is that the bodhran started out as a sort of tray either for chaffing wheat or carrying peat, and someone got the bright idea that if they knocked on the skin head, it would make a pretty good noise. Scholars believe it was used to call people into battle, and also used during religious ceremonies. It is a relative newcomer to what we now call "Irish Traditional Music." We do not know for certain that it is or is not appropriate as musical accompaniment for this time period. [which, for me and Mister, will be 1860s or pre-1840]

I want to have an excuse to play the thing but I don't want to mislead anyone about it, and I want to have an opportunity for the audience to learn something. Any more suggestions?