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Posted By: Jim Dixon
23-Jan-13 - 09:14 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Brian O'Lynn & Tam o' the Linn
Subject: Lyr Add: BRYAN O'LYNN (from Bodleian)
From the Bodleian Library broadside collection, Harding B 11(480) and Harding B 25(307):


1. Bryan O'Lynn was an Irishman born.
His head it was bauld and his beard it was shorn,
His temples far out and his eyes far in.
"I am a wonderful beauty," says Bryan O'Lynn.

2. Says Bryan O'Lynn, "I've no breeches to wear."
He bought a sheep skin to make him a pair,
The fleshy side out, the woolen side in.
"They're pleasant and cool," says Bryan O'Lynn.

3. Bryan O'Lynn he had an old mare.
Her legs were long and her sides they were bare.
Away he rode through thick and through thin.
"I'm going a-courting," says Bryan O'Lynn.

4. His saddle was made of an old dog's tripe.
His bridle was made of a cow's windpipe.
His spurs they were made of an old rusty pin.
"I'm elegantly mounted," says Bryan O'Lynn.

5. As he rode over Rafley Hill,
He danced and pranced before them all.
They opened the door and bid him come in.
"I'm going to be married," says Bryan O'Lynn.

6. "Sit down; you are a mighty welcome guest.
Which of my daughters do you like best?
The one can card and the other can spin."
"I'll marry them both," says Bryan O'Lynn.

7. Bryan O'Lynn, his wife and wife's mother,
They all went out to walk together,
And through their clothes you might see their skin.
"They're elegantly dressed," says Bryan O'Lynn.

8. Bryan O'Lynn, his wife and wife's mother,
They all went into one bed together
The blankets were thick and the sheets were thin
"Lie close to my back," says Bryan O'Lynn

9. Bryan O'Lynn, his wife and wife's mother
They all went over the bridge together.
The bridge it broke; they all went in.
"They're gone to the devil," says Bryan O'Lynn.