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Posted By: gnu
24-Jan-13 - 10:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: NFL 2012/13
Subject: RE: BS: NFL 2012/13
I was puttin on me jammies when the phone rang just minutes ago. Buddy asks me if I heard Brady got a $10,000 fine for the spike!!! I said, no! REALLY?... GOOD!!!

He's my fav QB of nearly all time to watch on the field (come on, who can't absolutely love cudly TB or admire Montana or absofuckinglutely respect Fran or... you get the pic) but I was shocked when I saw that spike and I could not believe it wasn't called. I was two feet from the TV in half the amount of seconds and screaming for a flag and I really don't understand how those refs didn't hear my call for a personal foul penalty??? Ahhhh.... yes I live alone... why do you ask?

When I saw the slo-mo replay, I was twice as pissed. But, the guy is my present QB "hero" on accounta he plays for "my" team so I thought, "mistake" and accepted the fact that the refs musta seen it that way too and, well, gee, okaaaaay, I can live with it. Thank goodness for a review in "the BIG booth upstairs". Ten large is fuck all to Brady but it speaks LARGE to fans like me.

In see Elway says SF. May be. But not if the golden boy runs early and hasn't learned to slide a knee yet... Ray and his buddies gonna put a hurt on that lad if he finishes with his head. Seems to me the coaches are not doing their job when that lad runs and thinks he's a back when he does. Am I wrong?