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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
30-Jan-13 - 05:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Death Trap Schoolrooms
Subject: RE: BS: Death Trap Schoolrooms
Thank you, Bert.

Ebbie, I do not like schools. I think they cause far more damage than good and they teach the Human Species to Obey Their Masters and not to speak out or dare to question authority.

I find them deeply unnatural, for children should be with their mothers, not with strangers, herded into massive 'factory farms' where others decide WHAT they are going to learn and HOW they are going to learn it.

I believe that schooling actually kills of the Natural Learning Instinct that is inherent in all of us, for learning becomes Eduction and Education has been controlled by those in charge since the idea of Schooling En Masse first came into being.

In Home-Schooling children flourish. They learn what they love to learn, have no barriers, do not work to bells or timetables, question everything, have no homework, no humiliation, can be creative at all times, learn lying down, under the sun, or walking through a field...

School has dominated our Societies for WAY too long and very few question who invented it, or why it is still here...

The separation of parent from child is a very human thing, for nearly all animals keep their young close at all times, teach them what they need to learn to survive and raise them in family groups.

We have torn ALL of this apart..and our children have suffered because of it, many of them have suffered beyond imagination.

I too remember a lovely teacher. I remembered her more because she stuck out in a sea of spiteful, bullying, pedantic morons who took great pleasure in being mean to children, to me, to my friends...The good teacher shone out like a star.

ALL teachers should Shine Like Stars!
ALL teachers should LOVE children!
ALL teachers should want to pass on the knowledge they have to help others.

ALL teachers should have stood up against this foul system decades back.

Sadly, most will never do so.
And these days the Education System operates as it does because the GOOD teachers have, in the main, left, totally disillusioned in a system that now only wants them to teach to The Way Of Their Masters.

The whole system is falling inwards and the main casualities are the children...

Never have they been so 'educated'
Never have they been so 'switched off'

And meanwhile, those who run the system keep changing the exams, the this, the that, in the hope that New Ways of Doing Things will help. But they cannot see that school has run its course....

Of course, the tricky part is that we have now created a society where Mothers are either *unable* to care for their children, due to the fact they have to work full time to keep a roof over their heads, or, they don't care much about their children in the first place, being that we've down-graded Motherhood to be lower than a sewer...

No other species would remove The Mothers
But the 'most educated' species HAS and then they wonder why their children are drinking and drugging themselves to death...

Ken Robinson - Changing Education Paradigms