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Posted By: Don Firth
31-Jan-13 - 08:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: Death Trap Schoolrooms
Subject: RE: BS: Death Trap Schoolrooms
I'm really sorry your schooling was a bad experience, Lizzie.

I don't know what the rules and regulations are for teachers in English schools, but in most municipalities in the United States, if a teacher strikes a child, he or she could be fired. Or most certainly disciplined and put on probation. I have never—EVER—been struck by a teacher. Nor were either of my two sisters. Nor any of my schoolmates.

I did have one English Literature teacher whom I thought was a bit of a pompous ass. He was very full of himself, and he tended to get impatient with the kids sometimes, but he did manage to impart the information. If he had problems with the kids at all, he was the primary cause of them himself. I think he wanted to be a best-selling writer and felt that he was "reduced" to having to make a living teaching kids who had to take his course because it was required. The kids tolerated him, even if they didn't like him much.

I took an elective cartooning class from a frustrated Georgia O'Keeffe who, I found out, learned her cartooning from a book I already owned. Anyway, I didn't learn anything new from her, and when she made "corrections" on my cartoons in ink(!!) I damn near broke her fingers!!

And my required geometry class teacher obviously didn't want to be there. But then, neither did most of the kids in his class.

So not all teachers were great. But I DID have some really great teachers.

As far as sizes of the classes go, there are economic considerations. Most of the classes I had in high school ran about 25 to 35 students, and I didn't find that a problem at all. At the university, I had some lecture classes that ran up to 300 students. If one needed extra help, the professor had a couple of teaching assistants one could make an appointment with.

Don Firth