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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
01-Feb-13 - 09:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Death Trap Schoolrooms
Subject: RE: BS: Death Trap Schoolrooms
"Note that the age at which mothers are most likely to kill their children is when the mother has sole responsibility for them. Home schooling will extend that period by years."

Oh, for fuck's sake, Jack. I've never heard *anything* so ridiculous in my life!

If a woman is deeply depressed, or a man, they will do what they will do regardless of whether their children are at school or not!

MOTHERS are the ones who give birth (!) and only a *miniscule* percentage of women would even *consider* killing them, let alone going through with it!

IF a woman is THAT depressed in the first place, she would be just as likely to do that when they come home from school, so, please, don't give me that anti-home-schooling claptrap!

I've heard all the stories from the Anti-Home-Schoolers and most of it is recycled garbage they've picked up from folks like you.

I KNOW women (and their husbands) who home-school/schooled their children and they were all EXCELLENT at what they did and have lovely kids! My children too would blow your mind away with their knowledge, their LOVE of learning, their kindness to others and their gentleness....

My son is now at college, HIS choice, doing A Levels. The tutors from his previous year used to tell me they wished they could clone him, for he was not only very well behaved, polite and eager to learn, but he was also incredibly kind and generous to the other lads in his group, many of whom were totally off the rails, according to the tutors. They actually described some of the classes they took as 'crowd control' rather than teaching. And they said that if ALL their students had been like Josh their job would be a joy...

So please, do NOT make out that Home-Schooling is crap because it's not! My son is the way he is because he has been ALLOWED to grow up BEING ***WHO HE IS***.

There will be some bad folks amongst home-schooling, there are also some FOUL people who are teachers.

BOTH do much damage to innocent children...

To make out that Mothers who DARE to raise their own children are going to end up killing them is ludicrous and DEEPLY insulting.