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Posted By: JohnInKansas
01-Feb-13 - 04:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: Death Trap Schoolrooms
Subject: RE: BS: Death Trap Schoolrooms
I'm afraid that adding more "escape doors" in my local school system runs counter to the trend of upgrading to "tornado proof" classrooms, since true tornado proofing requires the removal of all exterior openings that the flying junk might crash through.

Some progress is being made on the local project, although they've resisted the suggestion that classrooms should have no doors at all, and arent' too happy with the proposal that there should be one "IN" door in each room with NO EXIT until the stinky little brats have shown enough "larnin'" to be released - with appropriate leash and harness - again in public.

As to the quality of public education, I must say that I'm still working on the last assignments given to me by two of my teachers. The first was in 1955 and the second in 1956. I'm making some progress with both.

To this last, I can add that my own children didn't fare quite as well as I (and my classmates) did, but that's probably because of the growth in "social distractions" and not because the teachers became less capable. There was some degeneration in administration (mostly due to "political correctnesss") but I'm sure we all recognize that factor.