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Posted By: Ebbie
01-Feb-13 - 05:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: Death Trap Schoolrooms
Subject: RE: BS: Death Trap Schoolrooms
Rap, anything that ends in 2009 is hardly relevant today.

Megan C: "The problem is if you wrap children up in cotton wool and kevlar you cannot expect them not to grow to be neurotic unfunctioning adults."

Proposing and installing sensible - and doable - safety features is hardly wrapping youngsters "in cotton wool and kevlar." Or are you contending that children have to just toughen up and take their chances? I don't consider that adults watching out for children is mollycoddling them. We are the ones who created this dangerous world, not they.

We already have many traumatized youngsters who have viewed death up close and personal. Anything we can do to prevent that in future is worth it.

I think that having only one door to a classroom was a shortsighted policy from the first, fit only for sweatshops and crowded nightclubs. I have no doubt but that it came about because of costs, that it had nothing to do with the safety of children.

Furthermore, since the chance is slim of any individual school being targeted for attack, schools have the time to cut and frame doors little by little. It need not be done overnight.