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06-Feb-13 - 05:57 PM
Thread Name: What is Rock 'n Roll???
Subject: RE: What is Rock 'n Roll???
Rock and roll is a euphenism, just like jass (jazz) for sexual activity as in my baby rocks me all night long. It's an attempt on the part of white music business people to market rhythm and blues to white people getting it out of the "race" record trap.

That's what Sam Phillips tried to do with Sunn Records and Presley.

It's roots are in rhythm and blues and the dancing that goes with it. The style of playing even goes back to Illinois Jacquet in the famous Norman Granz "Jazz Concerts At The Philharmonic" when tenor sax players became honkers (one note honkers) and they went through gyrations onstage and the audience went wild.

Big Jay McNeeley was a forerunner of the honking sax lying on the floor undulating while playing.

The blues played in clubs for black people in South Side Chicago featured a high-powered screaming style that was accompanied by dancing featuring artists like
Albino Red and Muddy Waters on electric guitar.

Much of it has roots in the African-American Gospel tradition. "Motown" was a secular gospel style.

Rock and Roll is just an offshoot of the African-American tradition of dance music that goes back to early jazz.