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Posted By: Uncle Tone
07-Feb-13 - 05:54 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Windy Old Weather
Subject: Lyr Add: Windy Old Weather
Bob Roberts variant 1958

As we were a-fishing off Haisborough* light
Shooting and hauling and trawling all night

It was windy old weather
Stormy old weather
When the wind blows
We all pull together

When up jumped the herring, the queen of the sea
Says now, "Oh skipper, you cannot catch me"

In this….

We sighted the thresher a-slashing his tail
"Time now old skipper to hoist up your sail"

In this….

Then up jumps a slip-sole as strong as a horse
Says now, "Old skipper your miles off your course"

In this….

Then along comes a plaice who's got spots on his side
Says, "Not much longer these seas you can ride"

In this….

Then up rears a conga as long as a mile
"Winds coming easterly", he says with a smile

And its….

I think what these fishes are saying is right
We'll haul up our gear now and steer for the light

Cos its…..

*Happisburgh (pronounced Hazeboro') light, now disused, lies on the north coast of Norfolk