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Posted By: Ron Davies
08-Feb-13 - 08:40 AM
Thread Name: What is Rock 'n Roll???
Subject: RE: What is Rock 'n Roll???
Hi Leeneia-

Yes, it sure was.   But anybody can do it. Just get a bunch of friends who like to sing doo-wop--and are strong enough singers to carry independent voices. You actually only need about 3 or 4 such singers--the rest can just join in , or make up parts. We also started with a potluck supper--fuel for the journey.    And we weren't rigid on definition of doo-wop--just sang songs we felt like singing---Chapel of Love, You Belong To My, Only You, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, Charlie Brown, etc. --in addition to doo-wop standards (Earth Angel, Silhouettes, Who Put the Bomp?, Goodnight, Sweetheart) some Everly Brothers (those are really to make up harmonies to), etc.. etc.   (lots of etc).

And you can teach people how some of the lines went--to encourage separate voices.

If you need refreshing on the songs, you can buy the huge majority of them on i-Tunes for 99 cents apiece---or less if there's an album you want.    I just make up my own CD's and listen to them a few times before we have a session.   And I sing them just walking down the street--no i-Pod involved--to see if I have them memorized.