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Posted By: JohnInKansas
12-Feb-13 - 02:19 AM
Thread Name: Light weight speakers any recomendations
Subject: RE: Light weight speakers any recomendations
Not really an advice on speakers, but more along the line of "elder assistance," for a number of objects that are "a little bit heavy" but need to be moved fairly often I've found that adding a decent handle or two can sometimes be about as effective as getting a lighter weight "thing."

It can be a bit of a trick to figure out just what kind of "grab" will work best, and in some cases to find a good place to put one that won't interfere with function or with stacking in use, storage, or moving. Cute little drawer handles don't often provide much help, but barn door and fence gate kinds might, for a 16 kg (35 lb?) box.

The best thing usually is to just get the equipment that's easier to manage, but fairly simple "modifications" of what you've got can sometimes get you through the time it takes to pick out what to get - next.