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Posted By: Little Hawk
14-Feb-13 - 02:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Yeah, Blind River is sort of like a wide spot in the road. It probably started the way most small communities did, around a convenient watershed, that being the river that bisects the town. Back then it must have been a peaceful place full of wildlife and beautiful scenery. Indians most likely lived there in those days. Eventually the Whites came along and displaced the Indians, built some cabins and a church and a general store. Generations came and went, and the town slowly grew. Then one day a dark cloud was seen to cover the sky, and an ill wind blew from the East...bringing....

The McBrides! (crash of ominous piano chords)

These shambling ne'er-do-wells and thieving illiterate scum had been driven from their native homes in Ireland during the mid-1800s and had sought refuge from capture and summary justice by fleeing across the gray Atlantic to the far distant shores of Canada. After having alienated themselves in a series of deeply offended communities that stretched all the way from Newfoundland to Eastern Ontario, the surviving McBrides finally found themselves a new home in Blind River. And the place has gone downhill ever since! Alcoholism is rampant, as is teenage pregnancy. Growing pot is the leading cottage industry. The prevalence of extreme stupidity combined with an overweaning sense of entitlement and a penchant for committing reckless acts with no logic or foresight while operating motor vehicles has resulted in a drain on the social services and the justice system which is comparable to what would happen if someone blew a 300 foot wide hole in the Grand Coulee Dam.

Where will it all end?