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Posted By: Haruo
18-Feb-13 - 12:28 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Fries Again (Rise Again parody)
Subject: Lyr Add: Fries Again (Rise Again parody)
Last night at Seattle Song Circle a couple of take-offs on "The Mary Ellen Carter" were sung to great delight. One, Eensy-Weensy Spider, is well-documented here, but the second, "Fries Again", I can't find any mention of, so I thought I would post the lyrics as provided by Viv llo Veith, who sang it:

Fries Again

Zeke Hoskins first verses, Chris Roe second verses

TTTO Mary Ellen Carter

I am an office worker pushing paper for my pay
I don't go out and face the wind or cut down trees all day
I don't fight the kind of dangers that can quickly strike you dead
When my job kills, it kills you slow instead

For I don't get that much exercise, I'd take a heart attack
If I ate the kind of meals it takes to feed a lumberjack
But when I forget to bring my lunch, it always gives me pain
Cause the cafeteria's serving fries again

Fries again! Fries again!
Enough saturated fat to feed a family of ten
All I carry is my debt load, all I'm pushing is my pen
But the cafeteria's serving fries again.

Sometimes I think they do it just to watch my levels rise
Every crispy golden morsel (mouthful?) spelling premature demise
Insurance pays the loss if I should finally be laid low
But darn it! it's just not my time to go

And in the end it's just an exercise of discipline of mind
I won't forget those veggie snacks and yogurt one more time
Tomorrow noon I'll be prepared to cheerfully disdain
The devil's own potato, fries again!