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Posted By: Stringsinger
18-Feb-13 - 05:39 PM
Thread Name: What is Rock 'n Roll???
Subject: RE: What is Rock 'n Roll???
Rock and Roll is a recording and marketing designation to sell a music to a certain demographic. Sam Phillips sort of started it by producing Black music to sell to whites. Rhythm and Blues and Race Records (an unfortunate appellation) was the foundation for what we call rock and roll. It's also a euphemism like Jass for intercourse.

The most important thing about styles of music is that they are like people, they invariably cross over. There is no pure rock and roll or folk music or jazz.

What can be said for "rock and roll" is that it stems from an African-American experience, using music for dancing and movement and has a visceral connection to the body.

Rock implies body movement unlike say so-called "classical music" or intellectualized jazz although the notion of "swing" requires a body-dance connection in jazz.