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Posted By: Artful Codger
20-Feb-13 - 04:36 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Cadgwith Anthem
Subject: RE: Origins: Cadgwith Anthem
@Ali: So much fakelore has been written surrounding this song that I advise caution in what you consider the true facts. What we know is that the song was NOT written by the fishermen of Cadgwith in the 1950s; it was published at least twice (once with tune) fifty years earlier; see the related threads for details—sources viewable at Google Books. Prior to acquiring the dodgy title of "Cadgwith Anthem" the song was known as "The Robber's Retreat." (You may justly argue that the apostrophe is misplaced, since the song is phrased in first person plural.) If you pay any attention to the original four-verse lyrics, it's clear that the song concerns highway robbery, not smuggling or piracy, even if it was popular with seamen and was used as a shanty. As for the "beauty of Kashmir" (originally, "beautiful cashmere"), I wouldn't take any of the guesswork as convincing, though context alone favors a common wildflower.