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Posted By: Bobert
22-Feb-13 - 09:01 AM
Thread Name: BS: Will Obama approve the XL pipeline?
Subject: RE: BS: Will Obama approve the XL pipeline?
I've always been right on Keystone, GfinS... This has been my position going back as long as this pipeline has been an issue...

BTW, it is a given that this pipeline will leak sometime and somewhere and this shale oil is the dirtiest of oil so when it does leak it is going to effect the ground water in those areas... It's a terrible deal...

Here's the thing that bothers me the most about letting the Koch brothers, Dick Cheney and their buddies write energy policy... When we do have the "big one" - a catastrophe so large that no one ever imagined - then what??? Who's going to pay for the clean up and for the expense of moving perhaps an entire region out of a disaster zone??? The Koch brothers??? Big Oil??? No, it will end up on me and you... Think Katrina and multiply by perhaps a 1000... Think this can't happen??? It not only can but more than likely will happen at some point in time if Keystone is built...