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22-Feb-13 - 04:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: Will Obama approve the XL pipeline?
Subject: RE: BS: Will Obama approve the XL pipeline?
Here's my 'prior post'..Bobert, you may(?) like this!

999: "If Canada and the Chinese are so interested in having a pipe line why not run it westward thru Canada which doesn't have major population centers dependent on clean water???"

Linking up to the existing lines, down the Great Plains would be easier, cheaper, and more safe that going west over the Rockies. there is a mutual benefit for all parties concerned to save the costs.and time.

Just like:

As I posted before, Henry Kissinger, in 1979, under the Carter Administration made a trade agreement with Saudi Arabia, that if they would buy or Treasury bonds, we would buy their oil. Saudi Arabia, happens to be one of our nation's largest debt holders (2nd or 3rd, I think). I am believing that much of the Mid-East war problems, are being allowed, and/or 'sponsored', to bring the region into an untenable, unreliable source of our logical choice..drill here, and blow off the debt owed to the 'soon to be Defunct' Saudi Regime, to whom the promises were made. I think Jordan will see problems first, though. ...and who wins?..The oil corporations and the banks, to whom the money is owed. Where does the oil go?..To China, the other big holder of debt...along with, believe this or not, Mexico.

Now this is what I posted about two years ago..and every day that goes by, I see it taking shape....

...and Bobert, if this is really IS both parties..owned by the folks, that you've been NOT blaming....for corrupting both parties.


P.S. Mudcat Forum, by the way, has been doing some of the hottest exchanges and stuff, on the regards to this and a couple other subjects...wouldn't be surprised if it didn't get even more notoriety.

'Viva El Mudcat!'