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Posted By: Bobert
22-Feb-13 - 05:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: Will Obama approve the XL pipeline?
Subject: RE: BS: Will Obama approve the XL pipeline?
One problem is, GFinS, is that the proposed pipeline doesn't exactly run thru the great plains... It runs on the eastern edge where there are lots of major cities... I pointed out Kansas City for one since my parents used to live there and I know it fairly well... It ain't a one-light hick town... A major spill there would make Katrina look like a pleasant day at the beach...

As for the "Both Side Shuffle"??? BS... 100% of Republicans are for the pipeline... Maybe 10% of the Dems... If that ain't proof that your off key then nothing will... You remind me of a band-mate who used to always insist he was in tune when he wasn't... This was before everyone had electric tuners... Me thinks that every time you play the "Both Side Shuffle" yer a little flatter than the last time...

BTW, no one wants to weigh in on why Canada doesn't build a refinery and ship out usable product rather than nasty, dirty raw material??? Something very messed up here...